Math Angles + Reflection


Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 11.41.14 Reflection: I chose this piece it was a math test and I was very committed to it. I learnt that everything has a formula and that all triangles equal 180 degrees. During this piece I was independent because I solved the questions on my own, and tried to do my best. Furthermore I was showing organisation because I was trying to show my working neatly (formulas). My next steps are to get better and understand word problems.

Unit Exhibition- Feature Article + Reflection

Exhibition- Feature Article

Reflection: I chose this piece because I was very committed to it and it was challenging to work on. A part of this piece shows that 68% of Turkey’s health is reported to be in good condition. Although on scale it is 4.9, which is not good. While working on this piece I was working on thinking skills because I was thinking about my format and the facts I should include. Furthermore I was independent because I wrote the piece by myself as well as adding the info, besides editing my errors. My next steps are to include less but more necessary information that are easier to keep in mind.





Student _____________________________

Parent ________________________

Date ________________________________



Please review your son’s/daughter’s portfolio, including commentary. We believe that

the best assessment of student work begins with the students themselves, but it must be

broadened to include the widest possible audience. We encourage you to become part of

the audience. When you review your son’s/daughter’s portfolio, please talk to him/her

about the work. In addition, please take a few minutes to respond to the questions below directly on your child’s portfolio.



Please copy these questions into a post on your portfolio. Then show your parents how to reply to the post with their answers to the questions below.


  1. Which piece of work in their portfolio tells you most about your son’s/daughter’s learning? What does it tell you?


  1. What do you see as strengths in your son’s/daughter’s work?


  1. What do you see as needs to be addressed in your son’s/daughter’s growth and development?


  1. Other comments or suggestions?


Exhibition Pitch Video + Reflection

Exhibition- Pitch Video


Reflection: I chose this video because I was showing confidence and independence. This video shows confidence because I was trying to be confident when I tried presenting my pitch to the panel. My pitch video also shows integrity, because at some parts I was explaining rights and wrongs about my topic. The skills this video shows is presenting skills, because I presented the information I found. It also shows research skills, because I researched to  find accurate information about my topic. I wish to speak more loud  and clear next time.

Movers & Shakers Analysis + Reflection

Movers & Shakers Analysis


Reflection: I chose this piece because I have not done nothing like this before and it is interesting. This piece shows integrity because at some parts I was explaining rights and wrongs. This piece also shows curiosity because it was the first time I found out a very interesting NGO, and I was curious about what their aiming for. I used my researching skills to search up NGO’s or organisations that I found interesting. Furthermore I also used time management skills, I set goals for myself about when to finish, or what I should get done first. Next time I want to search something that I am more interested in or research something that is different from usual.

Shapes/Measurement+ Reflection



Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 09.42.36Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 09.42.47


Reflection: I chose this piece because I am proud of how I figured out the problems. This learning shows commitment because I was committed to solve these problems. Also this learning shows independence because I did most of the questions/equations without help or I figured it out by myself. I used time management skills to finish it early. I also used recording data, because to solve the problems I had to collect information about the question. My next steps are to remember the formulas or solve more challenging problems.

Peace Poetry+ Reflection

We are Human- Peace Poetry

Reflection: I chose this piece because I have never done a poetry like this before. This piece shows integrity, because I sometimes wrote what was wrong and what was right. It also shows respect because in my poem I was being respectful to people who are getting discriminated. I used my time management to set goals for myself for when to finish. Furthermore I used communication skills to listen to ideas being told for improvement. My next steps are to use more figurative language.

I’m From Poem+ Reflection

Where I’m From Poem

Reflection: I chose this piece because I am proud of how I used my figurative language. This learning shows creativity because I thought of places that I’m from, and used description for the scenery. This piece also shows confidence, because I am proud of the places where I’m from, or belong. I used my social skills to get ideas from others to improve my poem. I also used planning, because I planned out how my poem was going to be. My next steps are to be more descriptive about scenery or add more similes.

Reading in French Entry

Je m’appelle Azita. Je vais à l’école IICS. J’ai 12 (doze) ans. Je lis en français parce que c’est utile. According to me reading in French is reading a well-known language that we should learn, and to understand more French. I feel that reading in French will help me more with understanding of the language French. When reading in French, I take pronunciation seriously so that if I pronounce words better, I hope to get better at understanding French words.  My advice to younger students would be to practice pronunciation, because it maybe easier to read and understand  words.

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 14.40.15

Philosophy Journal Entry 4

Week 4

My philosophical thinking has changed because I didn’t have many questions or ideas for discussions. When I think more deeper I have more questions to ask. I have also started to think about right and wrong a lot more, to try to think deeper and ask more questions. When we were discussing I also thought about what subject/topic does it go into. Whenever someone shares their ideas, I tried to relate the idea to a real life example. Overall I ask more questions now.


I have a lot of questions that I’ve been thinking about. Where did the universe come from? They say that the Big Bang created the universe. Although where did the Big Bang come from in the first place. I have also been thinking about god. I believe in god, but then I start questioning if god is actually real. Then I start questioned myself, if I should believe in god. I’ve also been thinking about why do we exist? Should we exist? Maybe we aren’t supposed to.


You can’t do without philosophy, since everything has its hidden meaning which we must know. ~ Maxim Gorky.

I like this quote about philosophy. The quote is true because we need to do philosophical thinking to find the meaning or the purpose of a question. We couldn’t do without philosophy because we wouldn’t be able to ask big questions or have ideas leading from the question. If we didn’t do philosophy, we wouldn’t get this far in the world. We wouldn’t ask big questions and we wouldn’t improve. I never thought about if there was a world without philosophy, this quote helped me think about it. We need to discuss to keep on continuing.


I chose this quote because I think the meaning of it, I can sometimes relate to my personal life and who I am.

According to me, I have to find an answer to a question, and sometimes I can relate that to the quote. I also like to build of the things I learned to get further and that reminds me trying to find “its hidden meaning which me must know.” I wouldn’t have gotten further in most of the things I do. That also reminds of the world and have further we’ve gotten with philosophy and discussions. In philosophy you don’t have to have an answer, but you can build up your ideas. I was also taught to find an answer to a question, or keep on collecting ideas and things I know to come to a conclusion. The quote also means responsibility to me because if there’s a question, you have the responsibility to answer or gather ideas from it.


My grandpa’s point of view was kind of similar. His opinion on the quote was that everything has a meaning and purpose. To explain the meaning by using your own knowledge and knowledge from the public/others will help you discuss or find the meaning of the question. Like said using your own and other’s knowledge you can find a “hidden” meaning which we must know or find out. According to him the quote also means that when you see something you wanna find more or find the hidden meaning of it, which is like philosophy.


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